Selling as an Introvert

Dan Spoor
Dan Spoor

I love building things. As a child, I would spend all day outside building tree forts and daydreaming about what they could look like. Now that I'm older, I do the same thing but with software.

The challenge with software is that a lot of the joy comes from seeing other people use and love what you built, which means you have to sell it.

As an introvert, I've never been comfortable selling. Every social interaction takes away some of my energy (no matter how enjoyable), and I have a bad habit of overanalyzing every human interaction I've ever had.

This is probably why I've spent many years now building conversational experiences (chat, chatbots, etc.). I find how we interact to be so fascinating.

One thing I learned over time is the power of trust. The more trust you can build, the less you have to 'sell'. Hootsy is built around this belief. The large profile images, the links to LinkedIn and Twitter, the use of live video and voice calls; it's all with the goal of building trust before a conversation even starts.

While I think introverts might have some initial hesitation to using live video, they'll quickly find it makes the subsequent conversations much easier because of the extra trust it provides the customer.