Cold Email's Best Friend

Dan Spoor
Dan Spoor

I'm going to share the exact steps we've used to convert more cold emails into sales. This quickly turns your cold email into a warm, personal connection.

Here is a short video showing the experience:


  1. Install Hootsy on your website
  2. Update the links in your email that direct people to your website to include the query parameter '?Email=PROSPECTS_EMAIL'. For example, When prospects click on the link, you'll hear a ding sound and get an in-app notification while logged into Hootsy. To better ensure you see this notification, we recommend enabling browser notifications to get notified even if you don't have Hootsy open, and to connect to Slack to get notifications on your phone.
  3. Click on the notification to view the prospect's contact page.
  4. Click the camera icon below the conversation on the bottom right of the page to display your video. This will immediately display your video to that prospect in the messenger widget on your website. When they open the messenger, the bot will gather any additional information until you takeover.

If you have any questions, please let us know.